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I found several mp3s at Here's what I found:

1. Instant Jet Lag Cure - Dr. Richard - From the 12,000 Ft EP

2. Jetlag - Dr. Richard - From the 12,000 Ft EP

3. Instant Jet Lag Cure - Dr. Richard - From the Unreleased Compilation (should be higher quality since it's from a cd)

4. To Ulrike M. (Tosca Baader Meinhof Mix) - Doris Days

5. Planetary Deadlock (Richard Dorfmeister's Belevedere Dub) - Beanfield

6. Annanas (G-Corporation Dub) - Tosca

7. The Revenge Of Bomberclaad (K&D Session Pt. 2) - Knowtoryus

In order to download the mp3s though you have to sign up with a credit card to get access. But don't worry you don't have to pay to get the mp3s if you don't want to, because they have a Trial Period which will allow you to have access to the site for 14 days FREE of charge. Be careful though you only have a limit of 50 downloads during the trial, if you go over that I think they start charging your credit card. As long as you stay under 50 downloads you should have no problem, just keep track of how many songs you download. Also don't forget to cancel the account within the 14 day trial period if you don't want to be charged. The Dr. Richard stuff is a good reason for checking out this site, considering Jetlag is only available on vinyl and the Unreleased Compilation is so hard to come by. Also the Doris Days track, which the single for that song is pretty hard to come by as well.

All three Lewis Taylor Lucky Remixes are available in mp3 format at Lewis Taylor's website: Click here and scroll down to the Lucky single. Tracks:

1. Lucky (K&D Suicide Mix)
2. Lucky (K&D Drum N Bass Mix)
3. Lucky (Reprise)

Dr. Richard's - Jet Lag in really low quality Real Media format: Click here