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These are exclusive tracks written and performed by K&D, but do not appear on any of their albums. I have tried to include all the albums that they appear on, but I may be missing some. You can click on the album title for a picture of the album cover where it applies.

Exclusive Tracks: Album(s):
Sleazy Rider

Sunsun Compilation Bonus CD
Sunsun Compilation (12" vinyl)
aka Ceci N'est Pas Une Compilation

Out Of The Blue Freezone Vol. 3
Underground Music Collection: Drum N Bass

Press Play
King Size Dub Vol. 4
Dub Infusion 1989-99
Ninja Cuts Vol. 2

A Tune For Us Multidirection Vol. 2
aka Brownswood Workshop
Young Men Give'em Enough Dope Vol. 2