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These are the songs that have been remixed by Peter Kruder only. Richard Dorfmeister had nothing to do with these songs. You can click on the album title for a picture of the album cover where it applies.

Peter Kruder Remixes: Artist: Album:
Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder Remix) Bebel Gilberto Tanto Tempo Remixes
Earth N Bass
Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder's Cidade Maravilhosa Remix) Bebel Gilberto Tanto Tempo Peter Kruder Remixes (12" vinyl)
Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder's Bebel Im Nebel Remix) Bebel Gilberto NL 2: Nouveau Noir
Tanto Tempo Peter Kruder Remixes (12" vinyl)
Auto Power (Peter Kruder Automix) Chateau Flight Auto Power (12" vinyl)
Tel Aviv (Peter Kruder's Bum Rush The Discotheque Remix) Fauna Flash Confusion The Fusion Mixes
The Vienna Mixes (12" vinyl)
Triptico (Peter Kruder's Trip De Leux Remix) Gotan Project Triptico Remix (12" vinyl)
Santa Maria CD2 Single
Odessa (Peter Kruder's Broadcast From The Inside) Kosma Odessa (12" vinyl)
Eastwest (MaKru Dub) Mama Oliver Eastwest (12" vinyl)
Heroes (Kruder Powercut Version) Roni Size Heroes CD2 Single
Heroes (12" vinyl)
Talkin' Inside The Beat
Put Me On! (Peter Kruder Remix) Sluts & Strings & 909 Carrera Remixed
aka Carrera Remixes