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New releases by Kruder and/or Dorfmeister. Some of these may not be released yet, indicated by NYR. You can click on the album title for a picture of the album cover where it applies.

New Releases: Artist: Album(s):
Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder's Bebel Im Nebel Remix) Bebel Gilberto NL 2: Nouveau Noir
Tanto Tempo Peter Kruder Remixes (12" vinyl)
The Stoppa (Richard Dorfmeister Meets Markus Kienzl Vocal) Cutty Ranks Quango: Dub Selector
Mystic Brew: For Play EP 2 (12" vinyl)
The Stoppa (Dorfmeister Full Moon 6 Live Dub) Cutty Ranks City Life: Life Of The City CD Sampler
Mystic Brew: For Play EP 2 (12" vinyl)
Funky For You (Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias Version) Deadbeats 2020 Vision: D-World
Spill The Beans (Richard Dorfmeister Flyin Dub) Fila Brazillia Quango: Dream Therapy
Spill The Beans EP (12" vinyl)
Triptico (Peter Kruder's Trip De Leux Remix) Gotan Project Triptico Remix (12" vinyl)
Santa Maria CD2 Single
Relaxin At Club F****n (Dorfmeister Vs Madrid De Los Austrias Version) Koop Waltz For Koop Limited Edition Bonus DVD
Summer Sun (12" vinyl)
  Peace Orchestra Reset
Waves and Sun (Dr. Richard's African Waves Dub) Prof. Oz The One
Quango: Dream Therapy
Waves and Sun CD Single
Waves and Sun (12" vinyl)