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This is everything that has been released by Peter Kruder under the Peace Orchestra name. First I have listed the Albums, and then I have listed the exclusive tracks/remixes and the albums they appear on. You can click on the album title for a picture of the album cover where it applies.


Peace Orchestra Track:
1. The Man Part One
2. Meister Petz
3. Double Drums
4. Domination
5. Marakesh
6. Henry
7. Who Am I
8. Shining
9. The Man Part Two

Shining Repolished Versions (2x12") Track: Artist:
A1 Shining - Truby Trio Treatment Truby Trio
B1 Shining - Ian Simmonds Rework Ian Simmonds
C1 Shining - The Moerth Morph Moerth
D1 Shining - Uptight's Cold Weather Version


Reset Track: Artist:
1. The Man Gotan Project El Hombre de la Pampa Mix Gotan Project
2. Meister Petz Beanfield Mix Beanfield
3. Double Drums DJ DSL Mix DJ DSL
4. Domination Raw Deal Mix Raw Deal
5. Marakesh Meitz Mix Meitz
6. Henry Zero dB Mix Zero dB
7. Domination Guilliaume Boulard Mix Guilliaume Boulard
8. Who Am I Chateau Flight Mix Chateau Flight
9. Henry Soul Patrol Mix Soul Patrol
10. Shining Truby Trio Treatment Truby Trio
11. The Man Kosma Deep Gratitude Interpretation Kosma

Exclusive Tracks/Remixes:

Track: Album:
Ten Freezone 4: Dangerous Lullabies
Shining (Uptight's Cold Weather Version) FM4 Sound Selection 5